How do I wear scrubs and when?

How do I wear scrubs and when?

By Josephine Reid

Always consult with the uniform guidelines and policies before making any decision on what to wear at your place of work!

Fashion Don'ts

One of the unique things about uniform scrubs is that you wear identical colors on both the top and the bottom of your outfit. That rarely (if ever) happens outside of work.

One of the challenges with this is that ceil blue is not always ceil blue. You might buy a top from one place and bottom from another and they bother say ceil blue. However, you put them together and one suddenly looks like it has sat out in the sun too long and is just slightly lighter than the other.

Luckily, Dress A Med only sells their scrubs in matching sets, with dye that will not fade or differentiate from your top or bottom.

Scrubs should be flattering and contoured; not sagging, not sticking. Dress A Med makes this possible by offering easy returns to make sure you can find the perfect fit.

Layers Matter

Even what you wear underneath matters and should be taken into great consideration. The color of your uniform scrubs is a big factor on what you should wear underneath. If you are wearing white scrubs, the clothes underneath have to be white or a light color. For example, you don’t want to be wearing hot pink underwear that will clearly be visible under white scrubs.

If you are a woman consider a color that won’t make your bra pop out from your scrubs. The whale tail is a nightmare for women. A whale tail is when a woman bends down and you can see her thong. Avoid the whale tail by not wearing scrubs below the waist!

Depending on how free you want to feel, pants underneath uniform scrubs are not that necessary. Think about how much you will be running around at your work. However, colder months require more clothing underneath. Thermal pants under scrubs are a good idea if you live somewhere that snows.

Maybe you will want to layer up also by wearing a shirt under your scrubs. Pick a shirt that is of similar color as your uniform scrubs. A simple T-shirt should do the job. Do not let the shirt be seen. Your scrubs are always supposed to cover all your other garments.


Because most hospitals or medical practices do not provide uniform scrubs, there is a general consensus of medical personnel wearing their scrubs to and from their place of work. The demanding schedule leaves little time left for changing in and out of scrubs.

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