How should scrubs fit on slim people?

How should scrubs fit on slim people?

By Josephine Reid

A flawless uniform scrubs fit on the slim figure crowd may seem like an oxymoron to many. Typical scrubs have an overall unflattering, saggy, easily wrinkled and bunched up look. Dress A Med breaks the unflattering scrubs notion with their Slim Fit Uniform Scrubs Set.

A truly flattering look to enhance any slim figure body type should probably include a princess seams which allows breathable room without swallowing the body's natural shape. The Dress A Med Slim Fit Uniform Scrubs Set has princess seams that allow for a figure flattering, waistline accentuating, and fashion forward look, still at an affordable price.

Scrub Uniform pants should have a drawstring or some kind of elasticity to ensure a custom look, and adhere appropriately to the shape of a much smaller frame; versus the 'average size' pant cut that most scrubs come in. Dress A Med's slim fit, straight leg pants include an elastic waistband and fully adjustable drawstring for extra comfort that can be controlled to fit in the best way possible. Remarkably, there are also 6 reinforced stitched pockets which make a total of 10 pockets with this slim fit scrub set.

There is definitely a combination of a body conscious fit and professional look and function that makes this uniform scrubs set the answer to the perfect contoured look for slim nurses worldwide. Slim nurses in Los Angeles can even receive various slim fit scrubs in 2 hours with the Dress A Med's 2 hour delivery route.

Even with a slim, curve hugging fit, comfort should not be left out of the fit equation when it comes to the proper fit for smaller built nurses. Slim fitting scrubs should allow you to move and not hinder your performance or compromise on comfort. Dress A Med's slim fit uniform scrubs include the perfect level of comfort and breathability.
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