How Do Nurses Buy Their Scrubs?

How Do Nurses Buy Their Scrubs?

By Josephine Reid

There are a variety of sites, stores, etc. providing uniform scrubs, but Dress A Med single-handedly provides high quality with low prices, international shipping, easy returns, same day shipping, interactive customer service, and even 2 hour delivery in its hometown of Los Angeles for nurses and medical personnel alike.

Dress A Med has been hailed #1 in multiple cities worldwide as the source of uniform scrubs; especially for any group or clinic in need of uniform scrubs in bulk at wholesale cost.

In recent times, hospitals overall do not provide uniform scrubs, versus in past decades when scrubs were provided to nurses.

“Most hospitals now days don't supply scrubs for the employees, unless they are OR or OB/Peds. I wear my scrubs to and from work. When I am involved in a procedure that I may be exposed to bodily fluids or airborne infections, I gown, glove and mask.” - boopestrada

In the past, it may have been more of the norm for many hospitals to provide this for their workers. Nowadays, it's unlikely for a hospital to provide uniform scrubs. It also depends on the department of the hospital, whether or not changing rooms are included. In addition, the lifestyle of most medical professionals is very demanding, and changing in and out would not fit into such a demanding schedule.

The medical community surely sees it as the norm to transition from home to work in uniform scrubs. It could be looked at as a part of the culture. It is also thought by some that hospitals are providing uniform scrubs for each worker, when in actuality, they are purchasing their own scrubs just as any normal clothes. Most medical workers have the responsibility of keeping a full uniform scrubs inventory in their own closet.

With same shipping and friendly customer service, Dress A Med proudly brings a sense of convenience back to the nursing community with easy purchasing options and overall accessibility.
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