How To Manage Money in Nursing School

How To Manage Money in Nursing School

By Cindy Lima

Nursing schools can get pretty expensive if you don’t play your cards right. Those extra bucks in your pocket might be the difference between a night out or eating a cup of noodle for dinner. Below are some tips for managing your money while in nursing school.


Buying textbooks from the bookstore can often make a huge dent in your bank account. However, there are many options that can save you from spending hundreds of dollars per semester.

If your bookstore allows you to rent books, try it! If not look for other renting options such as Amazon or Chegg. These are popular sites that both rent and sell books.

Another option includes buying textbooks from students who may have taken your class in a previous semester. Just check with your professor to see if the same edition is required. You can also buy or rent E-Books which can save you tons of money. You won’t have to worry about returning them either. Also, check online for used textbooks that may not be in the best condition but will get you through the semester.

Nurse Uniforms & Clinical Supplies

Shopping for scrubs online is often cheaper than buying them in store. Online stores have a wider variety of choices and offer better deals. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, some stores offer free shipping on eligible orders.

In nursing school, you will need supplies like a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, IV starts kits and other tools. The college you are attending may require you to purchase a specific kind of packet. However, sometimes it is cheaper to buy the tools separately and make your own kit instead.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Buying lunch from the cafeteria all the time can get expensive. Not to mention it is not healthy for your body. Having a budget on what to spend on food each month can help you save and keep track of your money. Treating yourself to eat out once a month is a good way to splurge on yourself. Especially, when it is around the same time as your final exams.

If you do have to buy lunch, see if you can use coupons or student discounts at nearby restaurants.

Carpool/Public Transportation

Does your roommate have the same schedule as you? Why not carpool to campus? Having a car can become a money pit all on its own. Not to mention buying the parking permit. If you are the one driving find someone that can split the costs of gas and parking with you.

Student Discounts

Many companies offer student discounts for new laptops. Apple and dell offer discounts if you show your student ID. Need an antivirus to protect that computer? Certain anti-viruses offer up to 50% off when you use your student ID or email. Insurance companies offer discounts for full time students with good grades. Another reason to have a high GPA. Amazon offers six months of free prime membership for college students. That student ID that you didn’t find useful can actually turn into your golden ticket for savings.

Choose Housing Carefully

Rent is probably the second highest expense other than tuition in college life. Choosing to live off campus can save you the burden of extra loans in the future. However, that is not something you want to do freshman year in an unknown area.

Choose where you live carefully because rent might be cheaper a couple of blocks away. Try riding a bike if you feel that your commute walking is too long.

Use Campus Amenities

That gym membership included in your fees should be put to good use at some point. You are paying for it either way. Most colleges offer discounts on movies or amusement park passes too.

Saving money while in college is important since you don’t have a well paying job or any job at all. Being creative with your budget can help you survive the year. Therefore, also having money for those fun trips during spring break.