Medical Supply Company: Should Hospitals Supply Their Employees With Scrubs

Medical Supply Company: Should Hospitals Supply Their Employees With Scrubs

By Elizabeth Ortiz

Not all hospitals supply their employees with scrubs but maybe they should. Hospitals should consider ordering their scrubs in bulk from a medical supply company.


“New findings found that Nurses’ uniforms can contain Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, a common bacteria that can cause violent diarrhea”, McCaughey explained to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Nurses uniforms and supplies often come into contact with different kinds of diseases and bacteria. This exposure can cause harm to others who are susceptible to bacteria and infections.

Hospital supplies and medical products carry bacteria to susceptible people when they are out of hospitals and clinics. However, they can’t ensure that staff will bring in clean scrubs every day. The best way to ensure clean scrubs is for the hospitals themselves to provide the scrubs. It is best to require the scrubs to be returned at the end of the day and use a launder service to wash the scrubs. This way the nurses do not spread any bacteria throughout their community.


Hospitals have a lot of employees so if they provide scrubs for their employees it is cheaper than if the employees bought the scrubs individually. A medical supply company gives discounts to hospitals and clinics purchase a bulk amount of scrubs. Everyone within the hospital will have the same type of uniform making the hospital look organized, clean, and united.

If hospitals begin providing their employees with scrubs, employees can feel secure that others won’t get sick. Hospital employees and patients would all benefit if scrubs are ordered from a medical supply company.