What You Need To Know Before Working Abroad

What You Need To Know Before Working Abroad

By Cindy Lima

The idea of working abroad in the medical field sounds exciting but the preparation for it can make a difficult journey. In order to make the trip less worrisome, here’s a guide to answer all the questions on your mind. How do you get there? What will the experience be like? How will I pay for my expenses?

In order to enter the desired country of your choice, a visa is usually required. However, some countries give their travelers the choice of entering the country with no visa for up to 90 days. This can be especially helpful when scouting for a destination where to work. Having the basic vaccines is often a requirement in order to enter a new country. In order to protect yourself and the health of others consider getting extra vaccines that can help fight the common diseases within that specific country.

Why Nurse Abroad?

Why Choose Nursing Abroad As A CareerSeveral countries are experiencing a shortage of qualified experienced nurses. Since some countries are desperate for more nurses, they can easily offer senior nursing positions which can include supervisory roles. Even if you don’t want to move permanently to another country, having experience in managing can jump you into a management role once you return home. Salaries are higher for nursing abroad because many countries use this method in order to attract more healthcare professionals.

The First Tip

First Travel Nursing Assignment TipsNot knowing what to expect is a common feeling before you do anything for the first time. Scouting the area is important since you will be able to see if there is enough things to do on your downtime. If possible, spend some time in a country before you decide to move there. This will make your job more exciting and work wonders in the long run for you. When looking where to work don’t take on too much than what you are already used to. For example, if you work in a hospital with only a couple hundred beds, don’t put yourself in a situation where there are thousandths of beds.


The Benefits And Downfalls of Choosing A Career In Travel Nursing: Working as a nurse abroad gives you the flexibility of choosing which destination to work in. For example, a nurse can choose to work in a cold or hot climate location. The nurse has the flexibility of choosing if they want to move to a different location in the winter or summer months. Most of the assignments vary for each location. You must consider how much traveling you want to do. Even though the location will make you feel like you are in vacation, the job is still a job. If you are married, have kids, or are in a relationship you must consider that you will be away from home for a long period of time. Family members should be able to handle your decision to maintain relationships over long distance.

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The Cost

Taking Cost of Living Into Account When Assessing An Overseas Nursing Contract: When looking for a job abroad, it is very easy to focus on the salary offer than anything else. If you want to save money or send money home, then take in consideration your disposable income instead of a salary. Disposable income is the money you get to take home after paying your regular expenses. Try not to move anywhere where the cost of housing takes up a big chunk of your paycheck. The second highest expenses on your list will be groceries and eating out. Researching the cost of living in the country of your choice before leaving will keep your expectations realistic.

The insights you’ll get from working abroad will open more opportunities for you no matter your destination or how long you plan on spending away from home. Traveling abroad for nursing can actually help boost your career or can be a good change of scenery.