REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “iNO” (1×02)

REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “iNO” (1×02)

The second episode of Chicago Med, “iNo, is full of intriguing scenes that shows how decision-making in the medical field effects everyone around them. Dilemmas in this episode lead to misunderstandings and arguments between the doctors. I think this will be the start of realization that doctors have to be very careful before giving an intervention to patients.


  1. Dr. Will Halstead, a senior ER resident who is assigned to a patient named Dough who complains of chest pains. As Dr. Halstead treats the patient, you will find out how he handles a very tough situation in the episode.
  2. Dr. Ethan Choi, a third year ER resident with an expertise in infectious diseases. In this episode, you will see how he manages to redeem himself after mistakingly treating a 14-year old girl named Erica.
  3. Mr. Rhodes, father of Dr. Connor Rhodes, appears on the scene trying to convince his son to start over again. His appearance will make you wonder about Dr.Rhodes’ past.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Abandoning a baby after giving birth. Erica, a 14-year old girl, was found on the street with massive bleeding. She put her baby in a backpack and left it. In reality, if you’re not mentally stable, it’s possible to abandon your baby especially if you’re a minor without any family around to support you.
  • Dr. Halstead didn’t notice the patient’s real problem. Dr. Halstead sends a patient home with chest pains after seeing normal findings in his laboratory and diagnostic tests. After a few hours, the patient experiences cardia carrest. In real life, sometimes being careless like this doctor can put their patient at risk.
  • Code time is longer than expected. Dr. Halstead is so patient and hopeful that Dough will be revived. Since the average code time is 10-12 minutes, his patient returns to life at approximately 20 minutes. Many doctors today will break hospital protocols to save a life.


  • Dr. Ethan Choi forcing a placental delivery to Erica without personal protective equipment (PPE) like a surgical gown and mask. He performed the procedure carelessly and you can see how Erica’s hospital bed is overly messy with blood everywhere. Seriously? This should never be done, he was putting the patient’s life at risk especially if you’re not well-trained to do that procedure.
  • Erica escapes from the hospital after knowing the cops are coming. She’s a teenager and she shouldn’t be left unattended in the hospital, especially if she’s already under investigation.
  • Sarah Reeves, a medical student, not wearing a surgical gown during the surgery of Erica’s baby. Even if you’re just watching the procedure, you need to wear a complete PPE. Babies are high-risk individuals in hospitals!

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