REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “You Are The Heart” (1×08)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “You Are The Heart” (1×08)

Wednesday night, yet again, I was waiting for Code Black and its newest episode “You Are The Heart”. The mid season- finale is nearly here– it’s the next episode and we all want to see some more progress and unfinished business to keep us excited for the whole series. To be honest, this episode, was by far the best.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Mario! Finally, the guy is getting some attention, we get to see that there is a dark life that he is hiding before he became a doctor. Cole and Rorish, there is another romance going on…

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Code bag. It is real, however I am not sure that resident would be ‘awarded’ with the honor carrying it all day and replying to all calls, especially in cases like the one with the pregnant patient, who had a metal halo which was screwed into her bones. Christa was right, she wasn’t ready and no one should ready intubate a patient while the approach and angle is so limited. However, Christa did have a go as no one was available and she was risking
    patients’ life.
  • Taylor babysitting a young boy whose pregnant mother was rushed into a surgery. Well, if there is no one available to stay with a minor family member of a patient, doctor will babysit as they are the only people who will be most important at that time for the family member.
  • Mario getting a needle stick injury. There is a lot speculation about things like this, but Angus was right, the percentage and chance of getting an actual disease is quite low, plus he instantly


  • Doctor breaking, or should I say, smashing a computer? When Dr.Cole Guthrie threw a computer showing his temper to a nurse who is new and might be slightly slow it was scary. Doctors should not be the scary people, they are there to treat patients and make them feel better.
  • Splenectomy performed in the ER instead of OR. Well, this is not the first time we see the doctors perform surgeries in the ER, makes me think that the hospital has about 2 or 3 Operating theaters only, because there is never a free one…
  • A female patient, named Sophie, who was brought to Angels memorial with her friend from a boat accident suddenly stood up and walked over to see if he’s okay while she had a broken femur (thigh) bone. I bet the show writers were too much into the feelings of Sophie that they didn’t bother that much about the fact that you cannot walk with a fractured femur, nevertheless, wander around the hospital.

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