REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Intervention” (1X11)

REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Intervention” (1X11)

“Intervention” is Chicago Med’s latest episode that will make everyone excited about how ED staff faces another set of problems in the hospital. As expected, Dr. Will Halstead is still on the process of resolving his case with Jennifer Baker whom he has hurt by violating her DNR (do not resuscitate) order. A man named Elias is brought to ED due to infection and I’m sure you’ll be surprised about his illness. On the other hand, a girl named Shiloh arrives the hospital due to bacterial infection. Her parents always doubt everything about their daughter’s diagnosis and the treatment the hospital provides. You’ll see how they act as if they’re doctors who know a lot about medical field.


  • Dr. Ron Unger, an old friend and private doctor of Dr. Charles. Watch how his mistakes greatly affect the Chicago Med staff and patients.

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 

REAL: How the real world works:

  1. Misdiagnosing can be deadly. Elias, a patient found unconscious is brought to ED due to serious bacterial infection called necrotizing faciitis or “flesh-eating bacterial infection.” This skin infection spreads rapidly and kills tissues of the body. Dr. Unger misdiagnosed him as having a superficial infection just like a simple pimple. Because of wrong diagnosis, it’s too late for Elias to survive. In life, too many cases like this happen every day

  2. Mass vaccination to prevent spreading of diseases. When Shiloh is being treated for her infection, a group of doctors and nurses including Dr. Natalie Manning and Dr. Will Halstead conduct a mass vaccination for all the students of Shiloh’s school as part of the medical intervention. In this case, it’s one way to prevent the people from acquiring an illness that is fatal to everyone especially children.

  3. Doing an emergency cricothyrotomy  with improvised airway. When a teacher in Shiloh’s school passes out and can’t breathe, Dr. Natalie Manning performs cricothyrotomy by puncturing the former’s neck to obtain an airway. Dr. Manning uses scissors and a pen because of lack of medical supplies inside the classroom. In reality, only people who are trained can do this procedure especially in this kind of emergency situation.

  4. Filing an incident report regardless of relationship. When Dr. Unger misdiagnosed patients, Sarah Reese doesn’t hesitate to report it to Sharon Goodwin. Although Dr. Unger is an old friend of Dr. Charles, it still doesn’t matter because Dr. Unger is being investigated for misdiagnosising patients. On the other hand, April will also report Noah for giving a medication that his patient is allergic to. Even though Noah is her brother, April will still file an incident report for his mistake.

FAKE: Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  1. Talking inside the operating room without a mask. When Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Zanetti are doing a surgery for Elias, Sarah Reese enters the OR to talk to Dr. Rhodes without her mask on. In this scenario, everyone entering an operating room should wear a proper personal protective equipment like surgical mask, surgical gown etc.

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