Chicago Meds last episode for this season is entitled Love Hurts.  It seems this second season will end with some tragic scenes that we have to watch out for. It starts off with Dr. Robyn Charles being delusional and combative when she is rushed to emergency department by her boyfriend, Dr. Rhodes. Her true diagnosis will be revealed later on that will surprise the ED staff. Do you think this is good news for them? We’ll see.

Dr. Stohl on the other hand is dealing with a practical joke made by anonymous person. Will this be a way for him to realize how badly he treats his colleagues in the ED?

Meanwhile, Noah Sexton is throwing a graduation party and this is going to be fun for the ED staff.  Who will attend and who will not? Marwan Haddad is a hit-and-run victim who suffers from multiple fractures.

Dr. Latham introduces the new cardiothoracic fellow named Dr. Becker. Will she and Dr. Rhodes enjoy working together? Let’s see.

Mr. Kellogg is looking for Dr. Daniel Charles and he seems irritated and impatient. There’s something about him that will shock you in the last scene of this episode.

On the other hand, a patient named Mr. Crocker is having a heart attack. Joey, who is Dr. Reese’s ex-boyfriend, visits her to inform her that he’s already dating someone.

Dr. Halstead and Nina’s relationship is on the rocks; will they still continue dating or just end the relationship? Everyone’s enjoying at Noah’s party but something happened to one of the ED doctors that will definitely shock you.

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 


  • Dr. Ava Becker, a second year CT fellow who is introduced in this episode. Will she be Dr. Rhodes’ competition? We’ll find out.


  1. “The monster tumor.”  Dr. Daniel Charles finds out that the real cause of her daughter Robyn’s psychosis is mediastinal teratoma. Teratoma is a kind of tumor that has cells from other organs. These can be hair, teeth, brain or even eyes. In Robyn’s case, her teratoma may contain brain cells therefore the body is attacking the tumor as well as her brain cells resulting in psychosis.
  2. “Plasmapheresis should take two hours.” Dr. Choi was correct when he says that this procedure takes two hours because in reality it can last between one and three hours. This is used as a treatment for autoimmune disorders by replacing blood plasma to stop antibodies from attacking healthy cells.
  3. “A symptom could mean a lot of things.” When Dr. Robyn Charles is showing dyskinesia, her father suspects that there’s another reason behind it, even though he assumed it’s from the antipsychotics she’s taking. To confirm other diagnosis, they ordered paraneoplastic panel. They found out that Dr. Robyn has a tumor that’s causing her psychosis. In reality, simple symptoms shouldn’t be ignored because it could mean a major disorder.


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