REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Mirror Mirror” (2×12)

REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Mirror Mirror” (2×12)

Chicago Med never fails to give us unique scenes as it aired its episode entitled “Mirror Mirror.” The title itself will give you an idea about how the story goes as it starts off with Dr. Stohl and camera crew shooting some promo videos. A man named Jason Dodd is rushed to the ED due to an increased heart rate. You’ll see how Dr. Stohl makes Dr. Halstead look stupid on camera. Mrs. Green, on the other hand, arrives at the hospital after a car accident. While Dr. Manning checks her wounds, her daughter named Ariel is complaining about pain in her head and stomach. Ariel’s diagnosis is quite surprising!

Meanwhile, a man named Rey Ochoa is in severe pain but insists that there’s nothing wrong with him. Let’s find out what’s something that he can’t reveal. Be ready for some intense scenes as the ED staff tries to treat Rey’s condition. On the other hand, Dr. Latham’s diagnosis of Asperger’s is confirmed. Will he admit this to his colleagues or not?

Characters To Watch For:

  • Dr. Stohl, the Chief of Emergency Medicine. Let’s see how he makes promo videos for Chicago Med.
  • Dr. Latham, an Orthodox-Jewish cardiothoracic surgeon, who has Asperger’s. You’ll see how he handles his condition and how it affects his work as a surgeon.

Real Or Not Rating: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 

REAL– How the real world works:

  1. Situs inversus totalis is a very rare condition. When Jason Dodd is admitted to the ED due to tachycardia (increase heart rate), Dr. Halstead diagnosed him with situs inversus totalis. The doctor is corrrect when he says that in this condition, all his major visceral organs are reversed from their normal position inside of his body. More like a mirror image. In reality, it is a rare congenital condition characterized by abnormal positioning of the heart. In this condition, the tip of the heart (apex) is positioned on the right side of the chest. Additionally, the position of the heart chambers, as well as the visceral organs such as the liver and spleen, are reversed.
  2. Mirror-touch synesthesia exists. When Mrs. Green is rushed to the hospital due to a car accident, her daughter accompanies her with complaints of stomach pain and headache. Her mother thinks that Ariel is trying to imitate her. But Dr. Charles explains that Ariel has a condition that causes her to experience the physical sensations and emotions of the people that she’s interacting with as her own, called mirror-touch synesthesia. In real life, this condition causes individuals to experience the same sensation (such as touch) that another person feels. For example, if someone with this condition were to observe someone touching their cheek, they would feel the same sensation on their own cheek.
  3. Polyembolokoilamania is fatal. When Rey Ochoa arrives at the hospital but insists there’s nothing wrong with him, Dr. Ethan Choi suspects that something has lodged up his rectum due to his gestures. He’s right because x-ray result reveals that a gun is inside his body. In this case, Rey has Polyembolokoilamania which represents a broad group of disorders characterized by self-insertion of objects into the body’s orifices. In reality, this is fatal because of it can cause further damage to your body if it’s not treated right away.
  4. Diagnostic test is really important to avoid misdiagnosing. When Dr. Stohl is filming scenes in the ED for an advertisement of Chicago Med, he chooses to take the video when the ED staff is treating Jason Dodd. He insists on giving the medication right away to reset his heart’s rhythm, because he suspects that Jason might have dextrocardia. Since Dr. Mukolski ignores Dr. Halstead’s suggestion, the latter still orders tests to confirm his diagnosis. In the end, Dr. Halstead is correct about Jason’s condition. In real life, a diagnostic test should be a priority to properly diagnose a patient.

FAKE– Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  1. Nothing’s wrong with “Graveyard Shift”.

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