REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Theseus’ Ship” (2×13)

REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Theseus’ Ship” (2×13)

Chicago Med is now on its 13th episode entitled “Theseus Ship.” It seems that there are identity issues that will be revealed later on. It starts off with Dr. Latham and Dr. Rhodes taking a medical trip for a patient with Type A aortic dissection who needs a rare surgery called valve-sparing root replacement. Let’s see how they handle this difficult surgery.

On the other hand, an eight-year-old boy named Gabe comes to ED due to seizures. His diagnosis is non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Dr. Manning is assigned to take care of this patient. Will he survive despite being non-compliant to his cancer treatment? Meanwhile, Ms. Holloway, a diabetic patient, arrives at the hospital due to heart attack.

Another patient named Grace Snow enters ED after a car accident. She admits that she created a tulpa named Becca and the latter is the reason for the accident. Does tulpa really exist? It seems scary yet interesting. Let’s see how Dr. Reese and Dr. Charles deal with this kind of case.


  1. Becca, a tulpa created by a patient name Grace Snow. In this episode, you’ll be confused if this really exists or Grace is just psychotic.

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 


  1. Parental refusal of medical treatment for a child has legal exemptions. A cancer patient named Gabe goes to ED because of infection. Dr. Manning discovers that his father hasn’t filled Gabe’s chemo in three months. Even though it’s Gabe’s decision not to undergo chemotherapy, his father is still the one to blame. Chicago Med is right when ED staff calls the Department of Children and Family Services about withholding the treatment. In reality, a minor is incapable of giving informed consent for their own treatment. Parents and guardians are generally given almost complete freedom in providing or denying health care to their children. But in the case of life-threatening medical conditions, the courts and DCFS occasionally intrude and or order treatment against the wishes of parents
  2. Having exposed to cats for a long time can cause serious problems. Ms. Holloway, a diabetic patient rushed to ED due to heart attack, has 12 cats at home. Dr. Robyn Charles suspects the reason for her heart attack is the parasites found in cat’s feces that cause toxoplasmosis. She is right because infection caused by these parasites can lead to heart problems like myocarditis. 
  3. Creating tulpas can be dangerous. Grace Snow reveals that she has a tulpa named Becca. She says that she let Becca drive. That’s why she was in a car accident. In reality, a tulpa is an ancient mystical concept from Tibetan Hindu and Buddhist belief systems. The word literally means ‘to build’ or ‘to construct’. The concept of a tulpa is constructing a being with your mind. While some people find this appealing, it can actually be quite dangerous practices. It can even be done without realizing it ( 
  4. People with Asperger’s have problems with traveling. When Dr. Latham refuses to go on a medical trip because of Asperger’s. He is right when he says he hates to travel because in reality, people with this condition may have panic attacks when traveling.


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