REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Buen Árbol” (1×07)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Buen Árbol” (1×07)

This week Code Black came back with more casualties and more catching stories than ever before in episode 7. I have to admit that at this point of the series I am absolutely into it. The amount of information we found out so far about different doctors intrigued me so I am very excited for the full season 1.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Rorish and Christa relate to each other through the loss of their family members a long time ago. Angus was an outstanding doctor. This week it was all about the doctors separately, as individuals, which is even better as we get to know them better. Finally, seeing some more real sparkle between Neal and Christa!

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Unattended Nancy Smith leaving the hospital to commit suicide after the accident she caused. Unfortunately, patients sometimes do sneak out of their rooms or out of doctors’ sight and tend to wander around the hospitals or even worse, might be at risk of their own health. In this case, the lady probably realized what she’d done and then made an impulsive decision which might have been triggered by another seizure. 
  • Getting ready for a massive influx of patients when paramedics ring the ER. That is as realistic as it can get because hospitals, or bigger trauma centers are usually informed about the casualties and amount of injured victims so the doctors and nursing staff could provide the best help possible. 


  • The amount of blood leaking from an unidentified patient who later died. That looked more like a fountain of blood coming from a tap rather than a patient bleeding in reality.
  • Dr. Rorish performing the procedure on the eye of a young female victim of an accident in a busy ER room. Yes, the girl needed a quick fix, however it is hard to believe a doctor would perform this high-precision incision in a busy, fast-paced, loud environment with loud patients everywhere.
  • A patient called John, who had a fractured spine was told not to move a millimeter by Dr. Hudson as that would result in paralysis. But what about him fully getting up from bed, standing up and then going to bed again? That was most certainly more than a millimeter of a movement…
  • Christa treating an illegal patient who obviously doesn’t have insurance and could be deported back to Latin America. The doctors cannot interfere with the system because in that case they would be either paying for the patients’ insurance or losing their license.

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