REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Pre-Existing Conditions” (1×03)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Pre-Existing Conditions” (1×03)

After the last Code Black episode, I was more excited to meet the doctors again and see what other sophisticated medical cases they will deal with during the third episode "Pre-existing Conditions". In the last episode "We Plug Holes", we saw major medical mistakes (such as wearing no mask during the surgery) and the relationships being built up between some of the characters: Neal and Christa or some other ones like Mario and Angus. Once again we stepped into the busy ER facing a load of patients, sad stories, families and doctors trying to save lives.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: This time it’s Mario and Angus who are in the spotlight. It seems like there will be some very difficult moments for both of them and hopefully they will both learn something new. Christa and Neal are still out there and so is the the sparkle between them.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Building a relationship with your attending. They are there to teach residents but a lot of them stick around for a while, they become a family. Angus and Guthrie might be heading that way. 
  • Someone getting an anaphylactic shock because of the peanut butter bar. That is very realistic and raises the awareness of the allergy problems.
  • Thoracotomy performed on a coding patient to save him. Despite the fact that they performed the procedure without being entirely sure the patient needed it, doctors do save lives on the very rare occasions when it is necessary. 


  • ‘Being in code black for 36 hours already’ This phrase was mentioned at the very beginning of the episode and it means that either the hospital is poorly managed or… it is very badly managed! No hospital should ever be in code black longer than a day,which might happen due to unexpected or catastrophic events. But not for 36 hours which is 3 days.
  • Angus and Mario arguing over a coding patient being resuscitated by someone who looked like an unidentifiable nurse. Yes, sometimes two doctors might have different opinions of an approach of treatment. No, they would not shout at each other making a drama in front of a patient who is dying. And they would not perform an unnecessary thoracotomy without consulting with an attending, no matter how busy the hospital was. That scene is so unreal and cringe, I wanted to cry.
  • You don’t take your patients charts to the toilet. So unhygienic!
  • And why is Malaya always wearing a hoodie? That is extremely weird. You’re a doctor, stay in scrubs.

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