When the fourth episode “Sometimes it’s a Zebra” of Code Black aired, it was something for people who are still watching and waiting for it to evolve. How will Neal and Christa’s relationship will evolve? As we are got a better idea about few doctors’ personal lives, there are so many questions to be answered and so many lives to be saved at Angels Memorial.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Christa and Neal are very important to look for as Christa finally reveals some of her past to Neal and they connect. Can’t wait for them to have a date or a drink or maybe some ‘breakfast’. Rorish and Cole… Unfortunately, Cole was not around for most of the episode, but I do expect to see him running around in the ER.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Dealing with fire victims. It may be nasty and scary, sad and frustrating, but they had to deal with it.
  • Identifying a real problem which ascended from weird, seemingly easy symptoms such as the story Malaya sorted. At first it seemed like a pregnancy as that was what the lab results said, however she did have to think deeper as the patient insisted she’s still a virgin. She nearly missed the case but it all might happen in real life too.


  • Nearly in every episode of Code Black there is a drug addict who jumps out of his bed while doctors try to treat him. That is super cringe.
  • All the procedures they perform are in the ER only, some of them need to be done in the OR, something like inserting a massive needle to get some spinal fluid from a baby should not be done around tens of people who are shouting, screaming and spitting and attending.
  • The young male drug addict that was brought to the Angels Memorial ran off? He was brought in again towards the end of the episode. How did that happen?
  • Tina was watching her son having a chest tube inserted next to her bed. Well, that is a little over the top as she could have had stress related stroke or something like that only because of all this anxiety caused by inattentive doctors. 
  • Barely any paperwork to fill in. That is not true. Doctors due have a lot to do while they are not spending time with their patients. Medical insurance, charts etc. They all need filling and updating.
  • Malaya ignored the bruises on the female patients’ legs and only ran Biochemical tests which indicated pregnancy. Should’ve done ultrasound straight away!

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