So when the rumors about this new medical drama started spreading, I was really excited because it looked somewhat similar to Grey's Anatomy, and who doesn’t love Grey's? So I didn’t hesitate watching the first episode of Heartbeat yesterday, only that it wasn’t that good. The idea of a superwoman Alex juggling so many things at once might be a good idea for a superman movie, but in this case it did seem like the audience is left to juggle with too much drama/information. It was overwhelming, but still interesting to watch because we never know, maybe it will evolve into some sort of a brilliant medical tv drama!


  • Well, pretty much everyone. We do know that Alex is the main and most important character of the show, so no one is a allowed to steal her thunder.


(1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 

REAL: How the real world works:

  • Probably the only realistic thing I’ve noticed during the first episode -  the doctor being genuinely happy for getting a heart transplant. That does happen a lot even though it means that someone else’s family has just lost a family member.
  • Relationships in the hospital. That happens everywhere and all the time.

FAKE: Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  • Although the show is based on the real life events that occurred to the Dr. Magliato, who is the inspiration behind the series, it was not the most realistic event.
  • The doctor cracked opened the chest of a mean guy, who stole her seat before?
  • Young version of Alex getting in the OR pretending she’s someone else. Well, that is not likely to happen and would put patients at a very high risk.
  • The doctor running around the hospital in heels. Well, that is a subjective opinion, but people will mostly wear scrubs and sneakers rather than heels and cocktail dresses.
  • The chances that Alex will lose two heart donors and the guy will shoot himself in front of her are so small it's barely realistic. Of course, there is always that chance, that she happens to be a superwoman, but again, it’s funny and weird at the same time.

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