We’ve seen one episode of Heartbeat and it was quite good. Even though it doesn’t have a specific pace and all the characters are all over the place, I believe it can turn into a really great TV show.

The second episode ‘Twins’ is aimed at more than just medical separation of conjoined twins. Two sisters who are at the center of the episode seems to be extremely strong and emotionally powerful. Overall, it was a great episode as there is more medically important ethical issues are covered.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Since we’ve got to know the characters better (not really) the most important is Alex and her love triangle that she’s standing at. Cannot wait to see Jesse clash with Pierce and Alex or other way round! I still can’t get over the flashbacks that Alex constantly has with Jesse. That spark is still there and we want to see more!


1 being the worst, 5 by being the best. 

REAL: How the real world works:

  • Ethical debate related to the conjoined twins. Obviously every time there is a life-threatening operation about to happen in the hospital, it needs to be well-planned and well thought of. Meetings, panels, board- are all involved in the process to make sure the best decision is being made for the patient. Real families like the conjoined twins are so close together they even act like one, especially in such a unique situation.

FAKE: Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  • Ethical debate on the risky surgery on the conjoined twins. Alex has a very challenging personality and we don’t know whether she aimed to show off to Jesse or she was genuinely thinking she can pull this off. Either way, these are two people who need the best decision made, not the super cocky doctor who wants to show off for a bit.Doctors drinking in the middle of the shift. Well, that is a little awkward. Not going to happen in a real hospital, only in a fictional.

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